Woodpeckers & Patrons – Morning Show

Morning Show - January 24, 2020

00:00 – New Intro for The Woodworking Morning Show!
1:18 – Thanks to our Patreon supporters!
1:42 – Patreon After Show
3:30 – New Patreon Reward Levels!
6:15 – Clarification on the Introvert discussion from last week
7:45 – Morning Show Weather Report from Matt Cremona
8:43 – Why did you switch from silicon to bristle glue brushes?
10:26 – Do you use a dust hood on your miter station or what are you doing for dust mitigation?
11:53 – What is the best way to make the wedge for a wedged mortise and tenon?
12:56 – Hardboard runners on rubber mats can allow you to move machines
13:57 – Do you have any suggestions on building a farmhouse door in the “K” Style?
16:29 – How do you like having a Google Home Mini in the shop?
18:26 – Should you wax your router table?
19:59 – Do you think the shift from selling as a hobbyist to content creation is a culture shift or just not wanting to leave the shop?
23:04 – Would you use Osmo on something like a foot stool, especially given the cost and if it might go bad before using more of it?
25:45 – Getting tearout rounding over endgrain cutting boards – Any advice to prevent it?
28:17 – WoodPeckers One-Time Tool EZ-Edge
35:14 – Is the Edge tool heavy?
36:14 – How’s the steam bending going?
37:42 – What’s Marc’s instagram account?
37:55 – Did you have to reconfigure the miter saw cabinets when you changed out your saw?
39:45 – How big is your steam chamber?
41:09 – Where do you find the after show?
42:20 – Glass panel that is framed by cope and stick, trying to change this into a rabbit and it is splintering, what can I do to fix this?
43:50 – Were there any changes you made when you brought in employees?
44:52 – Is the after show recorded?
45:00 – Going to a larger Jet drum sander, any benefits to open vs. closed throat or stand?

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