Wood-Work-Keen – Friday Live

Morning Show - February 22, 2019

1:09 – Welcome to Friday Live!
2:09 – Support us on Patreon!
3:15 – My bandsaw is burning wood, can a different blade help?
5:48 – Any tips for dying assembled wood by hand?
8:49 – What’s the best cheese?
10:11 – As a hobbyist, what tools would you recommend for a home shop?
13:37 – What’s the downside to a Hammer Combo Jointer\Planer?
15:56 – February 28th is the last day for the Powermatic Giveaway!
16:37 – Did you pore fill the red oak for the table top you made recently?
18:13 – Is there a way to figure out what the Wood Whisperer Guild is about for free?
21:38 – Do I need to build long extension tables when flattening a long piece of wood?
23:06 – If I preordered Essential Joinery from you, how can I upgrade to Hard Cover?
24:35 – How long does yellow glue TB1, TB2, or TB3 need to dry before exposing to the cold?
26:01 – If you had a choice to choose Metric Vs. Imperial, which would you pick?
27:45 – If you didn’t have access to Baltic Birch, what would you have built your cabinets out of?
29:09 – Can benchtop jointers with CuTech extenders be used to joint 4-7 foot pieces of wood?
30:39 – Any good plans for a dresser in the Greene & Greene style?
33:07 – Using a Bessey strap clamp, getting openings in the middle of the miter, what’s wrong?
https://amzn.to/2T8OXZ035:49 – Any ideas where to try and source 8/4 Peruvian Walnut?
36:16 – How would you cut brass dowels?
37:23 – Have you noticed a time difference in the wood settling after moving to CO from AZ?
38:25 – Do you ever miss your 5HP Table Saw after moving to your 3HP?
39:46 – Now that Woodtalk is done, will there be more Ladies of Leet?
42:11 – What blade guard does Marc have?
46:36 – Can a handheld planer be used instead of a stationary one?
47:27 – What do you do when your neighbor keeps trying to borrow your Festool sanding gear?
49:05 – Will you be incorporating the thread taps into future projects?
50:11 – When will the kits for your tapering jig be ready?

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