Who Uses Pawls? – Friday Live!

Morning Show - January 23, 2018

One today’s show, we talk about anti-kickback pawls and why you don’t often see people use them. All that and more. Here’s the rundown:

1:10 – How to attach splayed legs with a mortise and tenon?
2:36 – Woodtalk came back two weeks ago (in case you missed it)!
3:01 – When is the Ruobo toolchest being created?
3:32 – How important is duct length for dust collection?
4:54 – Question about anti-kickback pawls.
7:43 – Have you ever used a Wobble Dado Blade?
10:27 – Marc sings “Go to Sleep” to Ness G
11:02 – Question on Coffee Table – Can you just shorten a shaker table?
11:49 – Benchtop jointer vs. full size jointer
14:00 – Tried and True Vs. Salad Bowl Finish for pizza peel
15:50 – Feel better soon Carl!
16:57 – Getting dark spots on the finish of a live edge table
18:09 – Can you use gel stain to darken a panel after it has been stained and poly’d
20:02 – If I ask a question on a guild project, will the instructor respond?
20:50 – Some new discounts that we have
22:39 – What is the book topic that you are writing?
23:49 – Is there a military discount for the Guild?
24:25 – Have you changed the way you “fume” white oak with Ammonia?
28:14 – Do you make your own ebony plugs?
28:51 – How often do you sharpen your blades during a project? How do you know when to sharpen?
30:21 – What was the “tomato thing” for being active that Nicole mentioned?
30:42 – Marc is working on the free site jewelry box videos
31:01 – Are Narex chisels beveled enough for proper “crispness” with Dovetails
32:21 – Are there alternatives to the veritas drawing tool?
33:51 – Is it risky to order wood online?
34:58 – is it okay to reduce the thickness of parts of the Morris Chair project?
35:51 – Are there any routers on sale?
37:06 – Free guild project goes to!