TWW Mom is the Down Voter – TWW Live!

Morning Show - November 18, 2019

00:02:20 – It’s Friday live!
00:03:42 – Guild sale this week – Bedroom Furniture
Future Guild Weekend Sales
00:04:30 – Thank you to our new Patreon supporters!
00:05:10 – Guild notebook preorders
00:06:25 – Shoutout to Dan the board game man
00:08:15 – Shoutout to Chris
00:09:07 – How do you know what speed to run your drum sander?
00:11:35 – What kind of paper is in the guild notebook?
00:12:30 – What head screw do you use most in your woodworking?
00:16:07 – Could the Hank Chair be an outdoor use chair? What wood would you pick?
00:18:00 – Is adjusting the beds on a jointer the same process between straight knives and a helical head?
00:19:20 – Why did you switch back to the kapex miter saw?
00:22:10 – Did you have to modify the miter station cabinet for the kapex saw?
00:23:05 – Calling for Handmade holiday stores for gift guide
00:24:40 – What knife are you carrying today?
00:25:28 – Are you still selling the card scrapers?
00:25:55 – Can you glue up a panel of edge grain to face grain?
00:28:15 – Props on the knife case video!
00:29:07 – Is the hand back at 100%?
00:30:50 – What does BAN on the hammer mean?
00:31:52 – What grit do you use in your drum sander?
00:33:20 – What’s a good starter drum sander?
00:34:45 – Have you ever made a project with only hand tools?
00:35:05 – What size chamfer do you normally go with?
00:37:55 – Clarification on drum sanders
00:38:18 – When setting up a shop, do you set up the dust collection layout first or the tools first?
00:39:30 – Any suggestions in filling gaps in a glueup?
00:40:33 – What’s a great first router?
00:44:30 – How do you price your work for friends or family?
00:46:55 – How has the exploded table held up?
00:48:03 – What’s the best option for fire detection in a wood shop?
00:49:30 – How are the Veritas planes?
00:50:45 – Does the outfeed table of a jointer need to be completely flat?
00:52:50 – Any advice on finding your own style?
00:57:10 – What should I be playing on my PS4?
00:59:45 – Is milk paint safe for kids? Centralized list of TWW Free Plans
01:01:53 – Is WoodTalk quarterly coming soon?
01:02:40 – Do you have any complaints about your outfeed table?
01:04:05 – What size torsion hinges did you use on the hall bench?
01:06:05 – How do you connect with other wood workers if there isn’t a local group?
01:07:15 – Guild project winner! Congratulations
01:07:40 – Where is wood talk posted?

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