They Don’t Like My Beaver – TWW Live

Morning Show - December 13, 2019

00:02:30 – It’s Friday live!
00:02:58 – Thanks to our Patreon subscribers!
00:03:40 – Mail time!
00:05:30 – Under Workbench Cabinet demo
00:08:53 – How do you like the Carter stabilizer on your bandsaw? Video 1 and Video 2
00:11:25 – Which router table would you recommend?
00:13:20 – Can you make a table saw sled for smaller table saws with not as much space in front of the blade?
00:15:10 – Quilt demo
00:16:40 – Workshop announcement
00:21:55 – How do you use the dado stack with your Incra table saw sled?
00:23:50 – Guild sale – Chairs
00:24:30 – Next week – Friday Live – PM edition!
00:28:00 – Duluth Trading Company Gift Guide
00:30:45 – Are all router lifts made to the same dimensions?
00:31:50 – I have a job site saw…should I upgrade that or get a new different tool?
00:33:15 – Can stained pieces bleed into non-stained pieces if they’re touching?
00:35:55 – Preorder shirt update
00:37:20 – What are some of the essential kinds of chisels?
00:40:45 – Military quilt announcement
00:42:05 – Have you tried the Shaper Origin?
00:42:30 – Does it count if I give my parents an unfinished project and a can of Tried and True?
00:44:37 – Documentary recommendation
00:45:15 – What’s the best router table for dovetailed drawers?
00:46:50 – What finish is best for something that will be handled a lot?
00:50:00 – Wood Whisperer free plans page
00:54:05 – What CNC are you getting?
00:54:35 – Where are the discounts for the guild?
00:55:10 – Which finish is the closest to what Sam Maloof used?
00:56:00 – Charles Neil Woodworking – Guild Interview
01:00:25 – Does OSMO work over Tried and True?
01:01:30 – What finish is the closest to what Sam Maloof used?
01:02:50 – What would you finish the bottom of a legless box with?
01:03:25 – What finish should I use on coasters?
01:07:25 – Guild project winner. Congratulations!

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