She Gloves You Yeah Yeah Yeah!

Morning Show - May 1, 2020

00:00:31 – Video starts
00:00:38 – Welcome to the Wood Whisperer Morning Show
00:01:10 – Thanks to our new Patreon subscribers
00:01:40 – Announcements for TWW store changes
00:02:40 – New product announcement
00:08:00 – How can I sand and put a round over on very small pieces safely?
00:10:47 – How should I arrange the pins and tails of dovetails on a drawer?
00:12:00 – Are parallelogram jointers worth the extra money?
00:12:50 – How many guild projects do I need to own before becoming a “good buddy”?
00:13:50 – Do you own a scroll saw?
00:14:55 – Would you own a stroke sander?
00:16:40 – How square is square enough?
00:19:05 – What are the changes you made to the gap stop in your workbench?
00:20:58 – Would you install a leg vice or a long chop on the face vice if you could only have one?
00:22:50 – What’s the best way to move large tools into a new shop?
00:25:25 – How do you use a sharpening jig on odd-shaped irons?
00:26:20 – Big Green Egg table update
00:27:30 – How can you determine the finish on an existing piece of furniture?
00:30:40 – Does the dust in the shop with electronics concern you?
00:32:38 – Do you have your router bits sharpened?
00:34:38 – How can I get the curve on the front of the jewelry box without a rasp or spokeshave?
00:36:38 – How can I properly use a card scraper?
00:39:00 – Where did you get the mat on your bench?
00:40:30 – How can I clean a spiral router bit?
00:43:00 – Any update on the intro to woodworking going?
00:44:30 – Where’s the line between following a style and adapting to your needs?
00:46:45 – Glove giveaways!
00:49:00 – Self-centering bits giveaway!
00:50:30 – Woodpeckers EZ edge giveaway
00:53:15 – Next week giveaways announcements!
00:53:55 – Guild project winner! Congratulations!
00:54:50 – What paint can the fuji sprayer handle?

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