Sharpening Frequency & Harvey Relief – Friday Live!

Morning Show - September 1, 2017

Today we’re discussing how often I sharpen as well as how you can help support victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Here’s the topic rundown:
2:05 – Quilting package
4:10 – Harvey Relief Fund – United Way
5:50 – How often do you sharpen your handplanes?
9:53 – When should I be cleaning my tablesaw blade? Should I apply a lubricant?
11:38 – How do I get a new TWW sticker?
13:26 – Will using a water based finish affect the strength of non-waterproof glues?
14:22 – The Wood Whisperer Amazon Influencer program
16:01 – What would you recommend as a guild project for someone who is starting out?
18:18 – Marc isn’t Matt
19:40 – Is my current dust collector (Powermatic 1.75 HP) powerful enough for a larger port size?
21:37 – Can you get finish ready cuts off the table saw?
24:23 – Nicole vs The Grammar Police
25:46 – Are you concerned with movement on the split top roubo?
27:30 – Do you ever work with no-name builders/youtubers?
29:36 – Which router do you prefer: Bosch or Festool?
31:20 – Is it necessary for a drawbore peg to go all the way through the mortise body?
33:10 – Is it better to buy your book from Amazon or Marc directly?
35:18 – What’s the best HVLP system to buy for furniture spraying only?
36:46 – Will you sign the book with a crude drawing if we buy from Patreon?
37:25 – What is Nicole’s favorite Fallout game?
38:45 – Have you ever used a manometer?