Sensual Hot Dog

Morning Show - March 6, 2020

2:04 – Marc has a new shirt on!
2:36 – Welcome to The Woodworking Morning Show!
2:55 – Thanks to all of our Patreon supporters!
3:43 – Pens are currently delayed
4:25 – The Easter egg last week was a small blue penis
5:14 – Nicole made Marc’s new shirt!
6:21 – Thank You Nathan!
7:19 – Circle templates now available in the TWW Store!
10:30 – Should you explain\market why your pieces are worth charging more?
14:42 – When should you pre-raise the grain before finishing?
17:11 – Do you have advice on what tool to use to smooth wood when working over knots and twisted grain.
19:40 – How did you end up being on a panel at WorkbenchCon?
21:55 – Any suggestions on chisels outside of Blue Spruce?
24:37 – What’s your favorite double sided tape?
26:15 – Do you have any suggestions about the Portamate mobile base?
27:24 – Do you have suggestions for simple projects for students?
29:55 – Do you have any advice on must have features for dust collection?
32:06 – Jet is having a 10% off sale until 3/16!
33:00 – What’s the best finish to use when UV exposure is a problem?
35:08 – Would you explain more about your beginner course that you are working on?
39:21 – Marc is working with Andy on a Tapering Jig
41:08 – What’s your approach to sanding and finishing?
43:13 – Any way to stop a dust collector being plugged up when using a planer?
46:58 – Is there any easy way to connect dust collection to my PM 14″ bandsaw?
48:29 – Do you use the factory blade on your Kapex?
51:05 – When working a slab, would you fill checks and cracks with epoxy before flattening?
53:22 – Thanks For Watching! You can listen on most podcast sites!
55:05 – Guild project winner!