Rustic Cyborg – Friday Live!

Morning Show - August 16, 2019

1:02 – New Friday Live Start Time
2:01 – Welcome to Friday Live!
2:54 – Support the show on Patreon!
3:23 – Gifts received in the mail
5:27 – How’s your Rustic Outdoor Table holding up?
12:57 – What’s the difference between baltic birch and Russian birch plywood?
15:!4 – What was the first woodworking project you finished and thought “I am pretty good at this”?
16:32 – Am I asking for trouble by not releasing the tension on my bandsaw blade?
18:25 – Can you put epoxy over danish oil or lacquer over epoxy?
21:36 – Do chisels for softwood work better when sharpened to 17 degrees?
23:24 – Is the Woodworkers Fighting Cancer Dog Bowl suitable for water bowls?
27:08 – What’s the best tapering jig you have found? Is the Incra 5000 still the best crosscut sled?
28:35 – What’s the QoS joke?
30:00 – How can you remove shellac that dried?
30:33 – Do I need to buy every hand plane? Is there an in-between?
32:14 – What could you seal the edges with on the rustic outdoor table?
34:25 – Have you ever thought about making a ukelele or musical instrument?
36:41 – Getting ready to build the miter station, what size drawer slides did you use?

Miter Station

38:12 – What advice can you give me on storing lumber in the shop?
39:50 – For small turning projects do you recommend CA or Epoxy?
41:22 – Is there a paint finish that is safe for kids?
44:45 – Would you rather fight a horse-sized Cremona or 100 Cremona sized Cremona’s
47:!7 – How do you store your larger jigs?
48:12 – What are your thoughts on the 12″ PM Jointer and should I get the mobile base?
49:41 – Have you ever done vertical drawers? How should I mount the slides?
50:54 – Can you repair something finished with shellac?
52:58 – Could increase power usage indicate something being about to break?
55:43 – Are you going back to WoW Classic?
57:17 – If you had to remove one tool from your shop, what would it be?
60:00 – Do you need to be careful with dust around heaters in the shop?

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