Plane Blade Angles & Drawer Slides – Friday Live!

Morning Show - May 19, 2017

Today we’re discussing what various plane blade angles do as well as the benefits and drawbacks of wood slides. Of course, we’ll have tons of other topics and here’s the rundown:

1:15 – Patreon Goals
2:09 – New Woodwhisperer Discord server
3:51 – Fuji Conversion gun giveaway
4:08 – Guild chair progress
6:30 – Marc has too many questions
7:39 – Why should I use wood on wood drawer slides instead of metal slides?
9:42 – If I have an air compressor, do I need a turbine system to spray?
11:16 – What’s with CFM at different pressures?
13:10 – Happy Mother’s day Wendy
13:37 – What’s with the different angles on plane irons?
15:50 – How do I deal with imperfect miters?
17:18 – Why do you like sweet tea but not sugar in your coffee?
18:17 – What finishes yield the best results when sprayed?
20:18 – What would you finish a walnut banister with?
21:58 – Would polyurethane be fine for a table that’s outside but not in direct rain or sun?
22:58 – How is the Triton “Fauxmino”?
24:17 – What is your most commonly used size of parallel clamp?
25:29 – Does the finishing guild project offer more content than your free finish videos?
26:39 – If you could only choose one woodworking event to attend, which would you choose?
30:21 – Would you use the same finishing method on the G&G Adirondack chair that was used on the outdoor table?
31:45 – How should you deal with a cupped miter?
33:25 – Do you need blotch control for maple?
34:47 – Where do you go for appropriate specs for projects?
36:18 – Do the guild projects publish content as the project progresses?
37:49 – What’s up with the Discord server?
39:19 – Are you going to start having apprentices again now that you’re settled?
40:50 – Have you had any new work done on your tattoos?
42:06 – CIA Challenge coin
42:58 – Patreon supporters
43:47 – Guild winners
44:30 – Marc got’s the stinky feets