Now You See Her, Now You Don’t – Friday Live!

Morning Show - January 11, 2019

2:30 – Thanks to new Patreon Supporters! –
3:50 – Six more days to pre-order the new book! –
5:08 – Can I use sandpaper on glass to flatten a water stone without a proper flattening stone?
7:38 – How well does TiteWrap work to hold glue ups together?
9:55 – What is a good general purpose blade for curves and resawing on the bandsaw?
12:30 – Can you number the first 100 books that were pre-ordered?
14:30 – What manufacturer do you use for table saw blades, and where do you get re-sharpened?
16:32 – How do I get support on guild sales orders?
17:30 – Why don’t you do little skits in your videos anymore?
21:25 – Do you know how to get better dust collection for a flattening jig?
23:45 – Do you have a preferred brand and style of chisel for general work?
26:10 – Is there a benefit to any of the 150 orbital sanders from Festool?
27:47 – Are there any reasons not to integrate a router table into the miter station?
28:44 – How do you sign your work so it doesn’t bleed through the finish?
32:00 – Have you ever considered a Tormek for sharpening?
33:27 – How do you presubmit questions?
34:35 – Time to move Deadpool.
34:48 – Do you ever have a problem of getting out into the shop?
38:50 – Is there a benchtop jointer that you can recommend?
39:52 – Is there something to toughen up an oil based poly finish?
41:25 – Where did you get the siding on your wall?
41:45 – Thoughts on ROS paper brands?
44:55 – What is the international shipping cost for the book?
46:14 – Any recommendations on brands and sizes of jointers?
49:41 – Are Jet and Powermatic owned by the same company?
51:10 – Are dedicated mortise chisels worth it?
52:20 – Are there any safety issues cutting on far side of the router bit?
53:40 – Is a dado better than a rabbet for shelving?
55:40 – How is the Beadlock system?
59:40 – Ashley Harwood’s Guild Project –
1:00:12 – What grits do you use when sanding between paint?
1:01:19 – Does Ashley Harwood have a YouTube channel?
1:04:35 – Guild Project Winner!

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