Nicolebot is Mean! – TWW Live

Morning Show - August 30, 2019

No Friday Live on 9/6!

00:01:50 – It’s Friday Live!
00:02:42 – Thank you, new Patreon subscribers
00:07:50 – Recommended wood for a shower?
00:09:55 – What lift do you use on your router table?
00:10:34 – Thanks for the tip on sharpening chisels to 17 degrees!
00:11:02 – What do you guys mean when you say “QOS”?
00:12:25 – What brand of chisels do you have with the hollows on the back?
00:14:35 – Can you frame the top of a solid wood piece on three sides to allow for wood movement?
00:15:45 – Is wood movement still an issue with a quarter inch pine panel?
00:19:15 – Is there a difference in strength between hide glue and traditional PVA?
00:21:25 – What causes glue creep?
00:23:35 – Can the guild dining room table be adapted for leaf use?
00:24:40 – Is there a point with sanding that is too far?
00:25:55 – Can you make the gaming table into an octagon?
00:26:40 – Thank you for the shop tour!
00:26:53 – Can you use a “cutting board finish” on the bread box?
00:27:43 – Are you tee shirts designed by Scott Johnson?
00:28:45 – How can I fix a “sawdust and glue repair” that isn’t darkening with the rest of the piece?
00:30:55 – Can the Morley Dining Table be adapted to use leafs?
00:32:55 – What are your thoughts on Jessem clear cut stop guides?
00:34:20 – Any issue with running pressure treated lumber through jointers and planers?
00:36:20 – Can you protect latex based paint with water based poly?
00:37:30 – Does wood glue work on pressure treated lumber?
00:42:15 – Would a mechanic style rolling tool chest work for wood working tools?
00:46:00 – Is the pooping moose still around?
00:46:20 – One of my side panels is a little out of square. How can I hide this?
00:47:05 – Can you glue end grain to end grain?
00:48:35 – Woodpeckers 1812 square demo. Sale ends 9/2
00:53:55 – What’s your opinion on shapers?
00:56:05 – Why did my padauk bleed into maple after finishing?
00:59:00 – Is having a 220v bandsaw worth installing 220?
01:02:30 – Guild project winner! Congratulations!

No Friday Live next week!

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