Milk From a Duck – TWW Live!

Morning Show - September 20, 2019

00:01:38 – It’s Friday Live!
00:03:45 – Woodworkers Fighting Cancer auction is live! Ends Oct 20th, 2019
00:11:48 – Thank you to our new patreon supporters
00:12:35 – WWFC project update
00:15:35 – Tips for setting the depth of a router plane?
00:19:00 – Any tips on using a sliding compound miter saw on thick stock?
00:21:55 – Are planer sleds good alternatives for wide boards?
00:23:07 – What could I pre-build ahead of time to complete a morris chair as quickly as possible?
00:26:28 – Have you done a project where you recreate something already completed?
00:34:55 – What glue would you use with bamboo plywood?
00:35:30 – Are there any questions that Jason asks that you might have taken for granted?
00:37:00 – Unofficial Meet and Greet at WoodCraft in Colorado Springs tomorrow
00:41:45 – How far ahead are you thinking vs what you’re doing when working on a project?
00:43:40 – Are there concerns about the height of work surfaces?
00:45:59 – Does the All Access TWW Guild Project Bundle Auction include the pre-orders?
00:48:20 – Are there universal fence systems for job site table saws?
00:49:10 – Have you done a Pennsylvania spice box build?
00:50:03 – Do you prefer Osmo or Rubio?
00:53:05 – How was the beer butt chicken?
00:55:43 – Did you have any drift on your Bosch Miter saw?
00:57:15 – If your table saw was 1 1/2 hp table saw, would you use thin kerf blades?
00:58:10 – If I make a previous year’s WWFC item, would it count?
00:59:15 – Under Roubo Cabinet update
01:03:00 – If you refinished the executive desk today, what finish would you use?
01:05:10 – What are a few good species to use for the roubo?
01:07:00 – Do you have a recommendation for a shop stereo system?
01:10:45 – Guild project winner! Congratulations!
01:14:15 – Will bench dogs interfere with the under bench cabinets?
01:15:45 – Reminder about the podcast version of Friday Live

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