Double Downing in the Walled Garden – TWW Live

Morning Show - October 4, 2019

00:01:07 – It’s Friday Live!
00:02:04 – Holiday sales have started!
00:05:05 – Mail Time!
00:09:19 – Why are you not replacing your number 7 plane with a Veritas plane?
00:10:50 – Old hand plane auction
00:13:23 – What options do you have for a lower shelf in a bookcase with solid wood that’s fully enclosed on all four sides?
00:15:00 – Thanks for the podcast version for Friday Live!
00:16:15 – Should I prime poplar wood before spraying milk paint?
00:17:20 – How can you start woodworking without a shop?
00:20:00 – Can you talk a bit about cabinet construction material?
00:22:30 – Will you ever do a file cabinet in the guild?
00:23:20 – Can you burn finished wood?
00:25:40 – How do you know when something is “good enough”?
00:27:57 – Can you have cleats on the bottom of a tabletop to provide support?
00:29:48 – Is it better to mount drawer slides then size the drawer or vice versa?
00:31:40 – What epoxy would you use as a finish?
00:32:45 – Can you do a detailed episode on hand plane setup?
00:34:25 – Woodworkers Fighting Cancer mug
00:35:55 – Will there be a hybrid woodworking volume 2?
00:39:00 – Are dovetails strong than some dado drawer construction?
00:39:55 – What Festool vacuum do you recommend?
00:41:20 – What’s your dust collection method for handheld power tools?
00:42:07 – Is water-based poly ok for the dog bowl bench?
00:43:10 – Any tips on getting purple heart to be purple again?
00:44:02 – Can running a planed side of lumber over a jointer remove snipe?
00:45:25 – What kid would you have named after a wood species?
00:46:27 – How much time does it take to set up a Veritas hand plane?
00:47:00 – Have you ever considered building a coffin or casket?
00:48:55 – Would you ever make a chimney cupboard for a guild project?
00:50:20 – How’d you pick The Wood Whisperer as the name?
00:52:45 – When is the next guild meeting?
00:53:00 – What resources did you find useful when starting your business?
00:59:55 – What’s your favorite wood?
01:00:30 – What’s your opinion on Rockler Bench Dog planes?
01:02:05 – Do you have an opinion on Maker’s Playground?
01:06:20 – Is there a decent used tool website?
01:08:14 – What bench would you pick? Torsion box or thick slab top?
01:10:05 – Will you ever have Danish modern furniture in the guild?
01:11:10 – Guild project winner! Congratulations!
01:13:10 – Should I download the guild project videos?

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