Designing Without Prototypes – Friday Live!

Morning Show - May 18, 2018

0:25 – Nicole should go into the sun a little more
1:45 – Thanks to our Patreon helpers!
2:50 – What causes furniture to be Greene & Greene? Can you make changes and still call it that?
6:45 – QSWO plywood has shadow lines, can you make it all look even again?
9:20 – What is your favorite wood to work with?
10:20 – How often should outdoor furniture be refinished?
12:30 – Is the bunkbed project still on the horizon?
13:43 – Any information on a tongue oil and wax blend\application?
15:35 – Once you buy a guild project are you a member forever?
17:42 – Would Epifanes work for a bathroom counter?
19:35 – What is the purpose of a double square?
21:38 – Would cleaning a saw blade with ammonia harm them?
23:18 – Where and how do you get your inspiration to design – Is there value in prototypes?
26:02 – Knowing that Marc makes mistakes makes the rest of us feel better.
29:09 – Marc knows English!
29:29 – How does Marc price his work?
35:16 – What is the cheapest wood that will take a dark stain?
36:52 – How is Marc going to round the legs on the Executive Desk project?
38:30 – What is Marc’s favorite wood for smoking(bbq)
39:07 – How do you think an inlay would hold up on an end grain cutting board?
41:13 – What stains\varnishes do you recommend for low-ventilation areas?
42:30 – What are your opinions on the Tormek for sharpening?
43:36 – What is a safe choice for a finish on kids toys?
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