Coffee Poo – Friday Live 11/23/18

Morning Show - November 23, 2018

0:01 – Welcome to Friday (Offcuts) Live!
00:09 – Black Friday Sales
Bell Forest – 25% off!

Powermatic 10% Off Machines and Accessories
Jet 15% off Machines and Accessories
JET Clamps 25% off at Acme Tools
Rockler & Woodcraft both have sales
TWW Store has a sale! 30% off!

Current guild project that is on sale – Blanket Chest!

4:07 – What’s the worst purchase Marc has ever made?
4:30 – Thanks to our new Patreon supporters!
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5:18 – If something happened to your Domnino would you quickly replace it?
6:23 – What happened to the Ninja Turtle that used to be on the wall?
6:54 – What’s the best\safest way to remove old yacht varnish?
9:05 – Did Marc used to use more Festool tools? Why?

What Happened With Festool?!

13:19 – What is your opinion on the various brands of T-Track?
15:20 – Any concerns with scaling the width down of the Trestle Table?

134 – Trestle Table (1 of 3)


Legs, Through M&T, & Dimpling – Knock Down Trestle Table Pt. 1

17:14 – Using the woodshop widget – What do you do with the data?
20:05 – Is Nicole’s Chicken Pot Pie recipe available?

21:18 – What hand tool helps you fit tenons? Can I use a router plane?
23:39 – Can you put a date on the wall behind you?
25:45 – Are you using the Incra 5000 still or did you build a new sled?
26:32 – What is the benefit to using a brass mallet for chisels instead of a deadblow hammer or block of oak?
30:03 – Are miter saw and table saw blades interchangeable if they are the same size?
31:06 – What guild project would you recommend for a newborn baby?
33:!6 – What should I use to get the sticky stuff off my new jointer?
33:50 – Jay-Birds – How do you put them on the charger?
34:34 – Nicole should do the voice-overs on at least one video.
37:10 – Is this just to make money on superchats?

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