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Morning Show - February 15, 2020

0:52 – Happy Valentine’s Day!
1:13 – Ginormous dog card!
2:32 – Welcome to the morning show at night!
2:59 – Thanks to our new Patreon supporters! Support the show. 
4:54 – Gifts from Australia!
7:16 – Will there be a Morning Show next Friday? (No, Marc is at WorkBench Con)
9:56 – Can you address your history\experience with ductwork?
13:10 – If I wanted to teach woodworking from home, do you have any idea about insurance costs?
14:54 – How have you overcome lacks in motivation to do woodworking?
17:30 – Where do you get inspiration for your next build?
19:16 – How flat is flat enough for work surfaces?
24:58 – With the new Wood Talk sponsorship, will you be doing reviews on Rockler products?
27:24 – What is the best joinery system for someone on a limited budget?
29:53 – How much sanding do I need between putting down shellac and then staining? This is being done on Maple.
32:38 – Did anyone get a Duggee badge yet?
33:33 – How much experience is needed to complete the Roubo workbench?
35:14 – Can you explain how to orient the bevel on the Veritas dual marking gauge?
36:59 – Was there a turning point in Marc’s journey that made him feel like a woodworker?
38:28 – What would you purchase first – A jointer or a planer? Should I look at a helical head instead of straight knives?
41:14 – When prefinishing, it is worth taping off the shoulder area of a joint?
43:27 – If you get the Ruobo stock pre-milled, how long can you let it sit without it warping?
45:28 – Do you prefer push or pull saws?
46:26 – When fixing old chair glue joints, should I reinforce the joints?
48:02 – Will Marc do a live show from WorkBenchCon?
50:11 – What is your favorite way to smooth curves after cutting on a bandsaw?
53:47 – Does Marc have an Oscillating Spindle Sander?
55:14 – How do you remove rust from some hand tools?
57:40 – Guild project winners!
58:58 – What is Woodtalk?
60:16 – What tooth blade should I get for my saw?
62:12 – Is Shannon still producing content?
63:52 – No Morning show next week!
64:14 – First CNC project has been completed – The PM logo!
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