A Normal Show – Friday Live

Morning Show - May 20, 2019

03:05 – Hey everybody! It’s Friday Live.
04:23 – With the request for project ideas, any projects you’d wish to stay away from? What styles do you want to stay away from?
06:38 – Thank yous – New Patreon subscribers
07:07 – My new blades are burning the wood…any suggestions?
09:36 – First hand plane…Cosman, Veritas, Lie Nielsen?
13:07 – What’s the ideal domino size for attaching a face frame to a carcass?
15:39 – Are there any secrets for chiseling into end grain?
17:10 – Ruminations on wooden couches and love seats
19:00 – Woodpeckers adjustable track square
28:15 – Is the oscillation on the Jet Oscillating drum sander worth it and will it come to the Powermatic brand?
31:15 – Do you find any species move more than others? What about outdoor furniture?
34:10 – Do you have any tips to get water lox to lie flat?
36:45 – Any tips on a filler for bloodwood and purpleheart?
38:13 – My miter saw doesn’t have holes for a sacrificial fence…any suggestions?
38:50 – Do you have any plans to add upper cabinets to the miter saw project?
39:30 – Any recommendations for low VOC finishes?

Beautiful wood finishes. Durable and safe.

41:13 – I’m planning on making a tabletop and my boards ended up thinner than I wanted…am I in trouble?
43:42 – Will Rubio be a durable finish for treads on stairs?
46:00 – Woodpeckers track square winner announcement – Congrats Paul!
47:15 – Guild project winner – Congrats Brian!
48:19 – I’m placing oak stair treads over the particle board stairs. What glue should I use?

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