Black Hole and Butt Joints – Friday Live

Morning Show - April 12, 2019

00:02:18 – Hey! It’s Friday live!
00:03:51 – Essential Joinery!
00:04:34 – Credenza video

Media Credenza, Now with More Crotch!

00:04:55 – Essential Joinery release party at Austin Hardwoods
00:07:08 – New filter capability on projects on the guild site
00:11:37 – When making a table top, what’s the best way to incorporate pieces shorter than the full length?
00:14:11 – Regarding the above question, can you do a scarf joint?
00:15:09 – Credenza video is on Amazon Prime
00:17:00 – Is it better to watch the new videos on YouTube or Amazon Prime?
00:18:00 – The back of my drawers are binding in the back due to the back of my drawer being too wide. How to fix?
00:19:40 – Do you ever plan on getting into CNC?
00:20:40 – Looking for finishing solutions for outdoor shutters?
00:24:21 – Are your videos on Amazon Prime in Australia too or just the US?
00:26:08 – Do you only plane the non-jointed face of a board?
00:29:01 – Will there be any delays to Hall Tree videos because of the book release?
00:32:46 – What’s your take on hand making a Maloof rocking chair?
00:34:16 – If you were to buy a tracksaw, domino, or Festool sander, which one would you buy?
00:35:20 – Have you used WoodRX? I’ve had good luck with it as an outdoor finish.
00:35:45 – The rip fence on my old saw needs to be replaced. Any suggestions?
00:37:25 – Any tips for routing small pieces on a router table?
00:39:08 – What’s your “jack of all trades” bandsaw blade?
00:40:03 – Why did you use the domino to repair the credenza side aprons? Why not cut new mortises?

00:42:00 – Do you have discount codes for Festool?
00:43:00 – Any ideas what is going to be next for pre orders in the guild projects?
00:44:07 – The dust shoot on my Powermatic table saw keeps falling off. Any tips?
00:46:20 – How active are the members in the Woodwhisperer Guild?
00:50:11 – What features are ESSENTIAL to a router table and which features are nice but not necessary?
00:53:00 – I’m making a maple/purpleheart cutting board. Any tips?

00:55:05 – Is there a way to see all the member benefits of seeing the guild?
00:55:50 – Do you plan on putting out any more free content on YouTube?
00:56:10 – Can you add your shirt to the Amazon store?


00:57:04 – What do you do with all the projects you make? Keep them? Sell them?
00:58:48 – I got a surprise haul of sapele. What blade angle should I use to prevent tearout?
01:00:25 – When you bookmatch smaller panels do you use a spline or just a butt joint?
01:01:25 – I want to upgrade my miter gauge, what made you choose between the Incra 1000 vs Incra 5000?
01:04:05 – Guild project winner!

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