2015 WFC Build-a-Thon

Morning Show - September 5, 2015

This year’s Woodworkers Fighting Cancer drive kicked off with something a little different: a live Build-a-Thon! As usual, we are encouraging people to build a specific project this year to help raise money for the charity and a concise project video will be made available soon. But this video shows most of the building process in real-time, while providing some extra information, Q&A, entertainment, and prize announcements.

We spent 8.5 hrs broadcasting live that day and if it weren’t for the help of both Nicole and my buddy Scott Seganti, this simply wouldn’t have been possible. I don’t expect anyone to watch the entire thing but please feel free to skim through. I hope you enjoy.

A list of all the live auctions from Powermatic, Rocker, Eagle America, MicroJig and Fuji Spray! Bidding ends October 31st!

Hourly Drawing Winners (Wood Whisperer Guild Project)

Hour 1: Charles McCreless  Hour 2: Jason Derevensky  Hour 3: Jay Bates  Hour 4: William Bruce  Hour 5: Richard Rowe  Hour 6: Socheat Sou  Hour 7: Joseph Cook  Hour 8: Austin Greenway

Grand Prize Winner (Ultimate Wood Whisperer Guild Package, Hand Tool School Semester and Milwaukee 2696-24 M18 Tool Kit; Thanks to Joseph!):   Jay Huemann