Food-Safe Glues

Article - June 29, 2009

This Viewer Question comes from Danny who writes:

How do I tell which wood glues are FDA approved for using with a wood cutting board? Watched your video on making one and you recommend using Titebond III. I bought a tube but no where on the label on the bottle does it say it is approved for food use. Great site and thanks for the inspiring how to videos.

And here was my reply:
Hey Danny. If its not on the bottle itself, I would just do a little investigation on the web. Most companies will give a lot more product information on their websites. For instance, check out this info sheet on Titebond III. You should see “FDA Approved for indirect food contact” in the bulleted list.

I know that Gorilla Glue also claims to be FDA approved so you might look into their products as well. So in the future, check the associated website. FDA approval is a feature and a benefit so if you can’t find anything about it on their spec sheets, they probably don’t have it. But honestly, Titebond is really the only glue I use for food items anyway. Polyurethane glue is not my friend for various reasons. Good luck.

So, what’s your preferred glue for food contact?


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