Confessions of a Lazy Woodworker

Article - July 18, 2013

sleeping-on-woodSometimes at the beginning of a project, I sit in my shop for hours staring at the wood pile. It’s just sitting there, waiting to be worked. I have no excuse NOT to start the project, yet I continually find things to do that distract me from the inevitable. I pry small pebbles out of the treads in my sneakers. I check to make sure my camera battery is fully charged. I haven’t filmed anything yet so obviously it is. I check Facebook to see if anyone finds my latest comment funny, they don’t. So the only thing left to do is stare at the massive pile of Western Red Cedar.

Perhaps it’s a little bit of uncertainty because I haven’t worked out every little detail of the project. Maybe it’s just a time-management issue. If I make one cut, then that leads to another cut, which then leads to a glueup. Do I actually have enough time for all that?

Of course you do you lazy #*&$^! Put on some lively music and get to work! It’s procrastination at its best folks. Fortunately, once I do make that cut my entire mindset changes and I’m in the groove. Happens on nearly every project. And the more time-sensitive the project, the more difficult it is for me to start. It’s the curse of the highly-motivated lazy person. Am I alone here?