Woodworkers Fighting Cancer Toy Chests

Viewer Project - By Escondido High School Advanced Wood Shop from Escondido, CA
Added on December 4, 2014

My name is Nathan Boelhauf and I am a wood shop teacher in Southern California. In an effort to get my students involved in giving back to the community, we came up with the idea to make 18 of the toy boxes for the Woodworkers Fighting Cancer charity. We plan to fill each chest with books and toys and deliver them to the 18 elementary schools in our city. We have asked the local principals to select a student or family in need to receive the Toy Chests.

When my students heard about this opportunity to build something and raise money for cancer they jumped on it. This year we lost a beloved staff member to cancer and several other staff members are currently fighting cancer.

escondido-students-toy-chests-2 Unfortunately, we were only able to produce 7 chests before we had to take a week off for Thanksgiving. I had a dedicated group of students staying late into the night to build the toy chests in the 5 days we had to build them. But we are set to complete 11 more before the winter break.