Warren High School – Construction Technology Electives

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Added on November 12, 2015

Chase Haecker is a construction electives teacher at Warren High School in San Antonio, Texas. He provides his students with real world construction job-site experience while learning about carpentry and construction. The students also get the chance to pay back to the community through various projects such as: Habitat for Humanity, Woodworkers Fighting Cancer/Research, Makers Care Org/Make A Wish, and the Elf Louise Foundation.

The students are building 5 houses for Habitat for Humanity. In fact, their first house just recently went up! They have built playhouses for Battered Women/Children’s Shelters, as well as toys for the Elf Lousie Foundation at Christmas. The students were excited to build the 2015 Woodworkers Fighting Cancer project. They had so much fun building the chairs and tables and the students really got into the “cause”! Here is a short video of what they do:


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