Walnut Coffee Pour Over Stand

Viewer Project - By Michael Corwin from Los Angeles, CA
Added on April 7, 2014

In the last few years, Los Angeles has undergone a coffee renaissance and many local roasters and cafes are sprouting up left and right. Because of this, I’ve recently upped my coffee game and have explored and tested different brew methods, grind sizes, and all sorts of coffee at home. One of my favorite methods is the pour over, in which you manually soak the grounds with hot water in a ceramic funnel. I decided to make myself a stand for the items needed, namely a Hario V60 filter and carafe.

For the project I used Walnut, which I domino’d together to form the butt joints. I then cut the dadoes for the shelves on my table saw with a dado stack. From there I freehand drew some curves on the two sections and cut them out on the bandsaw, refining the ridges with rasps and sandpaper. I rounded all the edges over with a series of round-over bits on my router table, and finished refining any imperfections with a block plane and rasp. Since the back section is curved, I had to make angled cuts so the shelves would fit. To do this I used my miter gauge at the bandsaw set to the appropriate degree and made the cuts.

After assembly and a period of sanding, I decided to finish the piece with an oil/varnish blend. I’ve been used to making my own mixture from BLO, but I wanted to try something new and since I live in CA, I am unable to get Arm-R-Seal which is really what I wanted to experiment with. After a trip to Rockler, I picked up some Sam Maloof Oil/Poly blend and put on 4 coats, then finished with Renaissance Wax. I’m very impressed with how the finish turned out, it is definitely a very satin “begging to be touched” finish that seems natural to Walnut.