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Added on April 2, 2009

dsc04116Howdy Marc! This is the cutting board that I e-mailed you about (expansion issues). I worked on this for quite some time and wanted to send you the pictures. I would have posted them before Christmas but my girlfriend might have checked out your site! It’s an end grain mahogany cutting board with slats of poplar screwed (in a breadboard manner) to the back of the board. The poplar accepts the on-lay pattern. The woods are Wenge (in the middle) Maple (the bluish gray and spalted colors) sapele, mahogany, jatoba, purple heart, cherry, and caribbean rosewood. The on-lay is about 3/8ths thick. There are a few pictures of me fixing my really stupid mistake. Where the purple heart and jatoba overlap I accidentally put two series of Jatoba instead of alternating them. I really enjoyed this project and learned quite a few things. This was one of the first times I’ve done hand cut dovetails and probably the first time I’ve done any types of inlays too. I hope this wasn’t too boring but here is my Christmas project!

dsc04099 dsc04119 pc240480 pc240479


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