Todd’s Custom Bunk Beds

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Added on December 13, 2010

From: Todd Petersen


Location: Folsom, CA

Amateur or Pro: Pro

Wood Species: Douglas Fir

Project Description:
I know its pretty basic stuff here but everything is custom made!! I hand select every board I use. Next I run everything through my planer and then use my router to round off the edges. Sanding comes after to clean up any rough spots. After all the lumber is cut, I stain it to the customers’ color choice if necessary, first applying a pre-stain conditioner. When that is done I place all the boards in one of two jigs I pre-made to construct the ends of the bunk beds. I then pre-drill and counter sink the screws to hold it all together. Every bed I’ve made has been different in some way. Different heights, lengths, color…you name it. The stairs I make are from 3/4″ cabinet grade plywood with 2×6 cross braces holding them together. I even make them with pull out drawers built in! I also make a pair or drawers rolling on 4 each individual casters. The drawers have a 2×10 doug fir front, sides and a back from 1/2″ MDF and the bottom from either 1/4″ Luann or 1/2″ OSB. I use 2 1/2″ wood screws, 3″ lag screws, 2×6 joist hangers and of course, wood glue to fasten everything.


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