Thomas’ Torsion Table-Bench

Viewer Project - By Thomas G. Kaiser from MI
Added on December 3, 2012

We first had to get the 2×4’s and cabinets level in ALL directions, (Refer Marc’s podcast #18 & 19). Take your time here this is the most important part of the build. We used hot glue on the shims once it was all set up so nothing moved.

Once the grid was finished I added 3/4 plywood (3 deep) to each grid pocket so my assembly table/bench can have dogs, be hammered on, and it added a lot of weight (about 500 lb.), you don’t need to do this, but I’m very glad I did.

Added sides and 1/4 hard board; NO GLUE so this top can be replaced in the future once it gets worn.

The top was built where it was easy to get around all four sides and when it was ready to be put into place I had a party to move it…remember its a 500 lb. top!

Applied 3 coats 50/50 wipe on polyurethane/mineral spirits, 2 coats straight wipe on polyurethane, 2 or 3 coats of wax, makes some draws, vice and have fun.

I do wax it whenever…I just put it in rotation along with my other tools for maintenance.