Tasmanian Blackwood Hall Table

Viewer Project - By Carl Joseph from Melbourne, Australia
Added on December 14, 2009

I thought I would submit this project to you as I am so damned proud of it. It’s my first piece of “fine furniture.” I built it as part of a Hall Table Course I did here in Melbourne, Australia. It’s made from Tasmanian Blackwood and has recycled Jarrah stretchers and drawer handle. For most of the joints we used the Domino, although I did make my own loose rectangular tenons to fit between the bottom stretchers.

We went through everything from dimensioning the rough lumber, selecting our pieces to match the grain pattern, assembling, and finishing. Six sessions in all. I made a few mistakes along the way, but all were easily fixed and can’t be seen in the finished product. The handle and stretchers were rough cut on the bandsaw and then I finessed them by hand to get it all looking good. All the other work was done using the usual tools—table saw, bandsaw for the inside tapers on the legs, hand scrapers and hand planes.

The finish is Organoil Hard Burnishing Oil. It’s a natural, organic oil with a lovely lemon scent! Sanded up to 400 grit, applied the oil and then sanded with the oil on the timber to create a slurry (this has the effect of sealing the wood.) I continued sanding with the ETS on the oil/slurry all the way up to 4000 grit! Then some EEE (Tripoli) and wax to finish it up nicely. I’m really proud of the final result and it now stands proudly in our hallway for anyone to see as soon as they come into our home.

Thanks again Marc, for all your incredible work and sharing your gift with the rest of us. It really does inspire. There are heaps of pics on my Flickr page. There is also a WIP discussion on the woodworking forums.


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