Shaun’s Cedar Lined Cabinet

Viewer Project - By Shaun Wellington from Medford, OR
Added on October 14, 2012

My friend wanted a cedar cabinet for her sweaters and it had to fit in a particular spot in her house. She wanted a simple design and at a specific height. Since I had the overall measurements, I thought it would be simple enough. I was wrong. This is the first furniture project I’ve done from scratch. Quite the learning curve. I usually at least start with someone else’s plans. Thanks to Marc and all the information I have gathered from here over the years, it was fun pulling out the blank piece of paper and pencil along with sketch-up and laying out the entire project before I even thought of cutting any wood. “Thanks Marc”, I highly recommend to all out there in designing your own project.

Another thing I ran into is the finish. I didn’t want to use an oil base stain because of the smell that sticks around. Not good for sweaters! I looked for a water based, dark stain, but couldn’t find one I liked so I tried the Oil/Poly gel stain from general finishes. Georgian cherry. I loved it. Because the stain only sits on top of the wood, the smell was gone in about a day and that was after 3 coats. I liked it so much I’m going to use it again asap. Well, I liked the way it all turned out. Any feedback would be appreciated, I’m always willing to improve my skills. Thanks again for your web site Marc. IT ROCKS!