Shannon’s Table Saw Sled

Viewer Project - By Shannon Huber from Lakeville, MN
Added on January 27, 2014

This is a table saw sled that I designed, adding many features that I have never seen on a table saw sled. I added a Kreg precision track and stop kit to the top. I had to modify the rear fence to accept the kit. This setup lets me set the length of the piece just by setting the stop at the correct measurement on the built in tape measure. I also added a t-track to the face of the fence for future jigs. The sled rides on Incra 25.5″ long special edition miter slides. These slides are adjustable for zero play.

There are two safety features. The first is a rear block of maple painted red to save my fingers when the blade extends the rear of the sled. The second is an added through bolt that hits against a bolt that I installed on the table saw (I drilled and tapped a hole). This insures the sled can not move any further forward, therefore the blade will not protrude any further in the rear of the sled. Below is a video I made that further explains how to build this, along with tips on squaring the sled fence to the saw blade, thus ensuring perfect 90 degree cuts.