Sergio’s Speaker Brackets

Viewer Project - By Sergio Jimenez from Santa Ana, CA
Added on April 10, 2012

I finally made the plunge into those LCD screen TVs. So I just had to get a Surround system to go with it! I found a RCA set at Walmart that was reduced down to $98. I thought, “Let me buy some brackets!” The ones I saw available, even at Best Buy, sucked for $40!

So, I decided to make my own! The ones at the stores aren’t as articulate as these. Sort of like the idea of a fully articulate TV mount bracket. I wanted to point them in any direction, not just up or down, or side to side!

These are made with Poplar. The hardware is 1/4-20 and the stain is Golden Pecan. I spent all of about $7.00! Being my first set, I spent more time making the pieces fit. The next time won’t be so difficult. I added Velcro squares at the end to make sure they stay on safely.