Sean’s Rocking Horse

Viewer Project - By Sean Kelsey from Topeka, KS
Added on January 12, 2014

I searched all over the internet for a good rocking horse plan. I wanted to build one for my son (first child) and ended up finally getting if finished to give to him for Christmas last year. Off and on it took 2+ years. Kinda hard to work on it when the shop is in the basement. I usually had to help take care of him when he was awake and when he was asleep, I couldn’t work on it. He loves it, as you can see from a picture taken Christmas morning!

I built the horse out of walnut and everything else is oak. The mane and tail is yarn. I put on 2 coats of clear danish oil followed up by 2 coats of clear poly. I made sure before doing the poly to write with a sharpie on the bottom To, From and the year. In between coats I lightly rubbed it down with some steel wool. Thanks for taking a look.