Salvadore’s End Tables

Viewer Project - By Salvadore from Nashville, TN
Added on March 27, 2012

I made these tables for our bedroom. They sit on either side of our bed. The construction is mortise and tenon. I used a cordless drill and chisel to make the mortise and a router table to make the tenons. Then I used a hand saw to cut the shoulders. I cut a small dado in the sides to accept the little blocks that will hold the top to the base so the top can move with seasonal expansion and contraction.

I dovetailed the front/top apron into the legs, and used a double tenon joint for the bottom/front apron. The drawers are made with half blind dovetails in the front and through dovetails for the back. I hand cut the dovetails. And one other part I find to be interesting, I beveled the bottom of the drawer into the sides and just used one little dab of glue on the center of the drawer front to allow the bottom (solid poplar) to expand.

I sanded down to 220, then brushed on two coats of cabot poly, then used 2 cans of spray cabot gloss poly to get an even coat.