Richard’s Hal Taylor Rocker Build

Viewer Project - By Richard Wile from Bedford, Nova Scotia
Added on February 10, 2013

This was my first attempt at a Maloof style piece of furniture. As with many woodworkers, this was on my “must-build” list. This one is for my wife and is a petite size. The overall chair is cherry and the back braces are walnut faced and ash inside for flexibility. I am now building numbers 2 & 3. Overall this was a fun project to build and I think using Hal’s book and video, places it within most average woodworkers’ ability to complete successfully.

Hal has a unique interpretation of the Maloof rocker which is what attracted me to this design. The coopered headrest which is molded into the back legs and the flexible back braces are departures from Maloof tradition, but in my view makes a more appealing look.

From a build perspective, Hal’s approach is to do much of the carving and shaping before assembly which is FAR easier than lots of grinding on a finished chair. This helps in case you butcher a piece. You can always remake the piece, rather than ruin the whole chair.

I would encourage everyone that has this on their “must-build” list to give it a try!