Ray’s Writing Table

Viewer Project - By Ray Gilmore from Oxnard, CA
Added on May 9, 2017

With my son now in college we needed a writing desk for him to do his school work. Searching the internet, I found this beautiful specimen. Using pine boards and maple ply from the home store, I built this. I discovered many new things in woodworking. The legs are tapered (my first use of a tapering jig) and the top is trimmed in pine edging. Until now I have generally used edge banding on table edges. This has given me the confidence to use solid edging from now on.

I used General Finishes Java stain on the edging and frame, and spray lacquered the finish using an aerosol spray can on the frame and then brush lacquered the top. I discovered I do not like to use brushing lacquer. The top came out streaky and rough. It’s going to take a lot more buffing out. If anyone has suggestions how to improve that I’m listening. I truly understand why Marc’s go-to finish is wiping varnish. I normally use GF Arm-R-Seal myself but wanted to try something different. I’m not sure I’ll do brushing lacquer ever again, but the spray was not too bad. After doing this desk, my wife now wants a matching chair. Maybe it’s time for a guild membership…


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