Ray’s Comic Book Storage Cabinet

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Added on April 18, 2011

Hey Marc, I’ve been meaning to write you since I read your article about the sticking drawer in the shaker end table. Now this is not really about the article, which was awesome as usual, but this is more about something you said in it. I too am a lover of comic books, and I have an ever growing collection that use to take up a ton of room. But as a fellow comic reader I think you would understand that. Well I was always trying to find a nice way to store all my books, and couldn?t find anything at all on the market that I really liked. I always hated the card board boxes. If they weren?t full, the books that were in there would fall over and they were incredibly hard to keep organized.

I have a little bit of OCD with certain things, and my comics have to stay organized =o) So, I decided to go to one of my other loves and make something that holds about 90% of what I have. I should have made it a little bigger to allow for the growth of my collection, but now I know, and as they say, knowing is half the battle. =o) Well it?s not really anything fancy, just some big box store ply and a little solid wood trim, but it has worked out really great. There are no runners. I was worried about the weight of the drawers when they’re full.

So the inside is a solid grid of 3/4 ply that the drawers sit on to help hold all the weight. Each one of the 12 drawers are grooved every couple of inches so I can insert the hard board dividers to keep everything nice and organized. I wish I had done a little better job matching the grain on all the fronts but I think I got them pretty close. The drawers are all made out of ½ MDF as it allowed for the most room in the drawers themselves.

All finished off with a little stain and 4 coats of a wiping varnish. I learned about the wiping varnish from the first wood working video I?ve ever purchased. It’s by a guy who calls himself the “wood whisperer”, I mean come on, what’s up with that name. =o) One of the things I love about being able to build stuff is that I build something that is kind of a specialty piece that you can?t go anywhere else and buy. It really is a one of kind. That was until last summer when my buddy’s wife asked me to make one for him so she can get rid of his ugly long boxes. It will be my first ever commissioned piece. Since it is for a very good friend I’m not going to make a ton of money, which is fine by me. I only do this stuff for fun, but the fact that someone liked it enough to ask me to build one for them, and they’re willing to pay for it really made my day. I think I?m going to end this very long little note and just say that I love your site, and thanks for all that you do. And by the way, I think that your trestle table series is how wood working should be shown on TV. Absolutely awesome!!!


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