Raymond’s New Router Table

Viewer Project - By Raymond Chafin from Pearland, TX
Added on February 2, 2014

I recently started to recommission my shop, and it finally came time to get a router table back in service. After searching around for ideas, I decided to build a table inspired by a video series from FineWoodworking. My table is very similar to the series, but with my own dimensions, drawer configuration, and table support construction.

The base cabinet is 3/4″ MDF, held together with Hi-Lo screws, supported on a dual layer MDF bottom that is separated by 1.5″solid wood stretchers. The drawers are 3/4″ maple plywood, and are flush fit to the MDF cabinet. The table support structure differs considerably from the FineWoodworking series. The series calls for 5/4 Maple held together by dowel joinery. I used 1″x4″ maple, and domino’ed the corners to form solid 90 degree “legs” and then used pocket screws to attache the horizontal face frame, and support stretchers beneath the table top. Although I’m sure the 5/4 maple would have been super rigid and durable over time, the nominal 1″x stock was on hand.

The top is dual layer 3/4″ MDF, and a laminated Formica top. I routed the recess for the Kreg lift, and the tool track, and trimmed the edges in some spare poplar I had lying around.

I still have to build a fence and dust collection hookup, but so far I am very happy with the result. I plan to start a series of picture frames soon and this table should start to earn it’s keep. I certainly welcome any thoughts or comments.