Randy’s Greene & Greene Table

Viewer Project - By Randy Braaten from Phoenix, AZ
Added on February 19, 2014

This is my interpretation of a Blacker style table. The glass top is certainly not traditional but I think it shows off the joinery and inlay well. The table is completely made of genuine mahogany. The finish is a 50/50 mix of General Finishes medium brown and orange followed with a coat of straight orange. The top coat is Arm-R-Seal rubbed on six times and wax.

The inlay and plugs are made of Caco De Negro—not quite as dark as I hoped for, but still a good contrast. The inlay is similar to a drawer pull from the Blacker house and of course the brackets are from one of the chairs. This is my first major piece in the G&G style after a practice frame to experiment with the joinery and plugs. The housed M&T joints were quite time consuming but worth it. I’ve read to cut the housing first but for me it made more sense to cut the mortise, fit the joint, then scribe around the perimeter of the piece and router out the recess finally paring to the line with a sharp chisel. I think I’m hooked, and plan to build a set of chairs to go with the table.