Phillip’s Wedding Card Box

Viewer Project - By Phillip Lundborg from Wausau, WI
Added on April 3, 2017

I wanted to make a gift card box for my wedding, something special for our special day. I watched the video of Marc making the wooden woven hamper and it sparked an idea. As I work in a sheet metal company, I decided to combine wood and metal (I get the metal cheap at scrap prices). I used the same type of panel glue up as the hamper, I just used stainless steel strips for the weave. I used 1in wide, 20ga stainless steel for the panels, eastern cherry for the rest of the box, finished with polyurethane. The top was cut out of 12ga stainless steel. I was able to utilize the industrial laser to cut and engrave the top panel. One of the difficult portions was cutting the grooves for the thin metal to set the panels in. I had to dado the slot, insert the panel, then glue in a strip of wood to capture the panel. It turned out really nice. Thanks Marc for the inspiration!


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