Paul’s Sculpted Double Rocking Chair

Viewer Project - By Paul Lemiski from Acton, Ontario
Added on January 13, 2013

This double rocking chair was built for my best friend and his future wife. His parents commissioned the chair for a wedding gift along with his brothers who commissioned a matching foot stool.

Even though this chair is about as unique as you get, we personalized the foot stool and bottom of the chair seat with an engraving of his wedding invitation and wedding date. We had the engraving done on a cnc then filled it with colored epoxy using padauk and ebony sawdust.

The chair took about 150 hours, created using 8/4 Canadian Black Walnut and Brazilian Lacewood. The seat was created by laminating walnut on the top and bottom of the seat blank then after carving the beautiful lacewood grain is revealed. Other unique features include a coopered headrest, flexible back braces, and a mixture of style from the great Sam Maloof and Hal Taylor.