Paul’s Greene & Greene-Inspired Frame

Viewer Project - By Paul Sebastian from Mesa, AZ
Added on April 12, 2011

I took a photo at the Hancock Shaker Village this past summer when my dad and I went there. He loves the photo so I thought I would build a frame and print the photo for him for Christmas.

My Dad’s home back in Massachusetts is a timber frame, so thats where the inspiration for the frame came from. Joinery is through mortise and tenon pegged with 1/4″ rosewood. It has a 45 degree stopped chamfer on it (matching all the timbers in the house).

It was my first time using Mahogany. I really enjoyed its ease of machining. It was also my first time trying this joint. I love the look and I think it will fit in great with the house.

Also as a side note, I couldn’t bring myself to using plywood or any crappy metal fasteners so I made up some shiplap pine boards and made my own fasteners.


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