Not Your Typical Table

Viewer Project - By Russel
Added on December 28, 2007

The top is maple. I glued up some stock and ran it through my friend’s widebelt sander a few times. All of the edges are mitered and reinforced with biscuits. It gives the effect of the top being a solid piece of material. The legs and stretchers are poplar. I glued up some 6/4 poplar and milled it down into 4 blocks that were 4″x4″ by 18″ in length. I then notched out (using router table and chisels) what would become the top inside corner to create a space for the table to rest on. The legs were then cut on the bandsaw. The stretchers were cut using a jigsaw and shaped with rasps, files and chisels. That was a tedious process. The stretchers are connected to the legs with dowels.

As far as the finishing goes that was an adventure unto itself. The top was sprayed with 6 coats of a black lacquer. The legs were covered with 6-7 coats of a gold glaze. They were then distressed and a dark brown glaze was wiped on and then quickly removed. After everything was dry, I coated it with a couple coats of a clear lacquer.


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