Not Your Average Sewing Table

Viewer Project - By Ron Jones from Phoenix, AZ
Added on February 15, 2008

This was a project that really seemed as though it should have been easier–but we all know how that goes. I think one of the biggest challenges was getting the leaf on the end to be functional. I didn’t want anyone to be knocking their knees should they be sitting there and it needed to be easy to work and yet sturdy. It’s somewhat hard to explain but the top actually slides on the supports because the top is hinged from a stationary point. Yeah, clear as mud, I know!

Without building a steam system to bend the purpleheart I have no idea how I would bend the 1/8″ strip of purpleheart in such a small radius so I built a form and ended up doing a 3 piece lamination with each piece being just over 1/32 (I love that drum sander!!!) At that point I attached the curly maple edging and inlayed the purpleheart.


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