Nick’s Woodturning Lathe Stand

Viewer Project - By Nick Piccinonno from Las Vegas, NV
Added on July 14, 2014

My name is Nick (Nicky P if you dare) and I’m a 54 year old kid (at heart). I’ve been fascinated with woodworking since wood shop in middle school. However, my desire to create and build has been sidetracked for the past 40 years as a bartender in my 20’s and a Las Vegas Pit Boss ever since with only dabbling at best during this time in the wonderful world of wood. Well I finally came to the realization that it’s never too late, so about a year ago I made the commitment to create a woodworking shop in my garage and get back in the game.

I have longed to become a wood turner, as I feel the therapeutic value will be very gratifying for mind, soul, and spirit…plus I could use a few candlesticks. The following project was inspired based on a need for my lathe, a place to put it in the shop, and a lot of research regarding wood turning in general. I hope you like it.