Nick’s Sculpted Dining Table

Viewer Project - By Nick Pedulla from Sydney, Australia
Added on March 2, 2017

I’ve always enjoyed the art of Sculpture. Particularly sculptures that show natural and flowing curves.

This piece is designed for a small one bedroom apartment and can sit up to 4 people but will mainly be used to seat only 2. Its made from American Oak and consists of around 25 pieces, all strategically placed to ensure grain continuity and strength. I then used a power carver to get the rough shape of the table. Rasps and files allowed me to finesse the shape and finally, using sanders, I was able to get the table to a smooth and consistent finish.

The table is anchored to the wall which provides the strength needed to firmly secure the table. This solid wall fixing allows the table to stand on only one narrow leg.

This piece was fairly experimental as I was unsure of not only the strength of the joinery but also the stability of the design. After completing this table I can confidently say that as long as you have a solid understanding of wood movement and grain direction, almost any design is possible.


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