Nicholas’ Special Hat Rack

Viewer Project - By Nicholas Vanaria from Romeoville, IL
Added on June 24, 2013

My latest and distinctly proudest project: A self designed “Victorian Hat Rack/Table”.

It is inspired by a Victorian era gas lamp street light, and made for my niece Katie who, sadly, needs chemo and has lost her hair. This table is entitled “The Light at The End of The Tunnel” to help her during her journey and to hold the many hats she wears (which is what the inlaid plaque on the front states). Of ALL the pieces I have made, of this one, I am most proud. I delivered it to her last night and a spectacular night was had by all.

The height of the piece (it is 21″ square by 94″ high). The light in the top is a flickering candle bulb to mimic an actual flame and it is made entirely of Sapele “Ribbon Stripe” Mahogany with bronze iron hardware.