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Added on March 26, 2009

And here’s another great series of projects from our buddy Nate. Check it out!

My name is Nate (nateswoodworks) and this is one of my most useful projects to date. It organizes and offers dust collection to each tool and it’s accessories. All of the tools except the drill press also benefit from the t-track and measure rule. I put my floor standing drill press into this setup and I love it. If I ever need to drill any item taller than what is allowed with the bench top I can swing the head of the drill press 90 degrees to the left and I have full capacity. I was able to use recycled materials for most of the project. The work top and cabinet bottoms are made from 1 3/4″ solid doors. The face frame, door rails and stile, and the trim pieces are from maple flooring I salvaged from an old house. The plywood for the pullouts under the CMS and RAS is also from a demolition project, and the hinges and pulls are from a garage sale for $5. I had to purchase 2 sheets of 3/4″ and 1 of 1/2″maple plywood, 2 sheets of hardboard, glass for the cabinet door, and some drawer glides. I hope you enjoy a quick view inside my shop as I have from many of yours.

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