Nate’s King Sized Bed

Viewer Project - By Nate Holderbein from Salida, CA
Added on September 11, 2017

After 18 years of sleeping on a basic bed frame with no headboard or footboard, I finally realized that I had a great excuse to dive into a big woodworking project and score some points at the same time. I started the frame during Christmas time when things were slow, expecting to finish for Valentines Day. I barely managed to get done before our anniversary in July!

Cherry and walnut, just like Marc’s original version. I used the new Domino Connectors for the side rails instead of traditional bed frame hardware. The connectors worked out well and really draw the legs and rails together tight. The frame is solid as a rock. I also made the panels a little thicker, with a rabbet around the edge to ride in the grooves. I used Marc’s dimensions for a king size with no adjustments and it fits perfectly around a Sleep Science adjustable base.


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