Nate’s “Growing from the Heart” Turning

Viewer Project - By Nate
Added on September 2, 2009

Just wanted to send you a little note. I have been having a lot of fun turning as it is one of the few things I can do right now. It gets frustrating with the lathe I have, (a mini lathe) but it just makes the challenge that much more interesting and the finished product that much more satisfying.

I turned this for my little brother out of a piece of his fire wood (lodge pole pine) and some padauk. I call it “Growing from the Heart”. I thought it was neat but it is really a rough piece. I didn’t sand the belly or fix course turning in the base. Even the finish (6 coats of shellac) has some streaks in it. Of course I will admit I left everything that way on purpose as for me it symbolizes the “growing” process. My wife says I tend to be to deep and sentimental.


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